The wait is over… Electric Rotary Valves Released!

Earlier today, we flipped the switches on part of our Electric Rotary Valve section.  The 4 and 5 port valves are now fully released and ready to order!  The 6 and 7 port valves are going to take another month or so, but let’s not let that dampen our spirits.  The ERVs successfully completed life testing with results that exceeded our design requirements.  For full specifications on the product line, please check our updated brochure.  If you need even more detail, check out the extensive specifications in the ERV User Manual.

Our Electric Rotary Valves are available in 3 assembly levels:

  1. RV-E Series — Valve Head Only
  2. RV-SN Series — Valve w/ Motor
  3. RV-SC Series — Valve w/ Motor & Controller

We released 3 flow configurations in each assembly level:

  1. 4-port Switching
  2. 4-way Selection / Distribution
  3. 4-way Combination

Now that you know what we are selling, why would you want to buy it?  As with all of our products, our ERVs are aimed at a pretty particular market niche.  We’re aiming for low pressure applications (<500 PSI) requiring a highly inert fluid path.  Examples include flash chromatography, gel permeation chromatography, peptide synthesis and genome sequencing.  We’re also particularly targeted at OEM instruments.  You can use one of our ERVs on a benchtop but you’re going to have to make your own case and control system.

We are dedicated to OEM system support.  We’ve taken that to a new level with our rotary valves by offering them with and without the actuation method (a NEMA 17 stepper motor).  You can get a valve complete with the valve head, motor and control board or a stripped down version with just the valve head.  We’ve sourced a top quality Trinamic stepper motor, but we realize many of our customers have their own stepper motor suppliers.  We wanted to let you take advantage of your existing vendor base and in-house knowledge and just make use of the particular skills that we bring to the table.  Namely, precision fluid handling through highly inert materials.  The brochure and User Manual provide all the details needed to incorporate a stepper motor and controller of your choice.

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  1. In todays market, electric rotary valves have to be completely non-metallic and corrosion-resistant.